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About me  


I see myself as a bridge builder between classic talk therapy and the transpersonal dimensions of therapeutic healing work.

In my work I use both a high level of professionalism/experience and a high level of intuition.

I am now 51 years old, happily married, mother of one, and bonus mother of two wonderful boys."


My preliminary diploma in psychology I completed in 1995 at Ruhr Universität Bochum and further I accomplished my psychology degree (Dipl.-Psych.) at Freie Universität Berlin. Ever since I have been working with adults and young individuals in single, couple and group settings -  in my private practice and in institutional contexts.

As a clinical psychologist (Dipl.-Psych.) I work with individuals and couples.

I am particularly trained in Family (law) Psychology (Couples Therapy, Mediation, Divorce Counseling) and as a Palliative Psychologist (Grief counseling, End-of-life care, Dignity-Centered Therapy, Hypnotherapy etc.) and in Mindfulness/Meditation. 

My extensive training and further education in the fields of Attachment and Adoption have arisen from my professional work in child and youth welfare as well as my own biography as an adoptee.

Extensively and thoroughly I have studied therapeutic methods with great teachers in both the psychotherapeutic and "alternative worlds" and continue to do so.

Mentors who have inspired and supported me include Luise Reddemann (Imaginative Trauma Therapy, MBSR, Meditation), Alex Berzin (Buddhist Psychology, Meditation), Kiara Windrider (Transpersonal Psychology), Heidi Baatz (Gestalt Therapy and Homeopathy etc.), Sören Bendler (Non Violent Communication), Petia Prime (Psychology of the Christian Tree of Life, Sound Healing with Tuning forks, Chrystal Healing, Meditation etc. ), and Thomas Hübl (Collective Trauma Healing/Ancestral Healing, Meditation).

As a teacher, I have extensive experience with students of education and social work.​

Currently I am working as a freelancer at Staatliche Studienakademie Breitenbrunn, where I teach  in Lifespan Psychology, Counseling, Meditation and Non-Violent Communication.



My sincere wish is to make a contribution to peace on an intrapersonal and collective level.


I'm here to support you on your journey - wherever you are right now - to connect with your inner self, realize your potential and life purposes - your unique creative expression.

Along the way, I stay close to you with my “therapeutic toolbox” when you encounter your shadows, your  “monsters” - and then when you raise your treasures!

Honestly this is what gives my entire being a deep sense of meaning and joy. 

I believe that when we realize the best in ourselves

- it is the best for all of us.​


Prior to our appointment

I have cleared myself and cleaned the space for you.

During our time together 

I give you my full attention and presence.

I tune in to you and join you on your inner journey of self realization.

At your pace.

With your consent.

In your own unique way.

During our shared process​​

I take good care of myself and regularly reflect on my work in supervision and intervision.

I am deeply rooted in my spiritual practice. 


My attitude in all  processes is:

warm open calm

professional attuned

transpersonal creative

present integral


inclusive   non-judgmental


trauma - informed

compassionate systemic


resource - oriented

pursuing no specific goal



Professional Activity

since 2012

Family Law Psychological Expert for the Berlin Family Courts

since 2014

Holistic Psychotherapy, Counseling and Mediation in Private Practice



Psychologist and Neurofeedback Therapist specialized in the treatment of AD(H)D in the Child and Adolescent Therapy Practice Gebauer, Berlin



Supervised and Protected Visits in Child and Youth Welfare


since 2017 

Lecturer in Psychology for students of social work and education

with a focus on developmental psychology, attachment, family law psychology, end of life psychology, psychological counseling and non-violent communication



Psychological Counseling for students of social work and education



Practitioner in the SHS Outpatient Clinic

Initial and continuing Educations and Trainings



Jan Gramm, Institut für Palliativpsychologie

Psychotherapy at the end of life, Grief Counseling, Dignity-Centered Therapy, Ritual Work, Meditation, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Systemic approaches, Attachment styles and Palliative Care, Talking about Death and Dying etc.

since 2022 

Thomas Hübl, Academy of inner Science 

Transparent Communication, Attunement, Collective Trauma Healing, Ancestral Healing, Mystical Training 


since 2016

Dr. Petia Prime, E21C

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks, Meditation, Psychology of the Tree Of Life, Mindfulness, Bach Flower Therapy, Chrystal Healing, Chromotherapy, Aromatherapy, Energetic Healing

2.700 hours


2009 - 2022

Uli Alberstötter Systemic-Solution-Oriented Assessment in Family Court Proceedings, Separation, Divorce and “High Contention”, Support, Advice and Assessment in “highly contentious” Conflicts, Highly Escalated Parental Conflict


2009 - 2022

Rainer Balloff, IFG Berlin, FU Berlin,

Deutsche Psychologen Akademie

The Psychological Assessment in the Family Court System


2012- 2018 

Samuel-Hahnemann-Schule Berlin


Heidi Baatz                                                               

Shamanic therapeutic approaches, Trauma Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Bodywork, Kinesiology, Inner Child Work, Ritual Work,  Systemic Constellation Work, Circle Work etc.


Andreas Krüger                                                  

Shamanic Therapeutic Approaches, Homeopathy, Ritual Work, Body Work, Systemic Constellation Work, Gestaltarbeit, Bodywork, Circle Work etc.


2013 - 2019

Sören Bendler, Echt-Jetzt 

Non-Violent Communication 


Philipp Behar-Kremer, TIB Berlin



Neurofeedback Therapist Training


2005 - 2018

Kiara Windrider Phd.

Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Psychotherapeutic Approaches


2002 - 2015 

Dr. Alexander Berzin, Study Buddhism 

Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, Lamrim, "Feeding your Demons"



University of Potsdam

Client-Centered Talk Therapy, Systemic Therapy Procedures, Relaxation Procedures

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