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My therapeutic and counseling approach is holistic.


This means an individual selection of methods tailored to the needs of each client.


I offer a therapeutic approach that addresses you as a holistic and creative person on all levels: somatic, emotional, mental and as soul.

My professional specialties are






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Indications for therapy can be​ a crisis, anxiety, loss, depression, burn-out . . .


dealing with big changes

you feel you need to talk to someone

feeling depressed

feeling anxious 

an acute psychological crisis

self-worth issues

difficulties to accept a situation


dealing with conflicts

difficulties to stand up for you

relational or family problems


parenting challenges

loss of a loved one

grief processes

attention and focus problems

difficulties in decision making 

emotional instability

feeling overwhelmed

high sensitivity

loss of meaning 

feeling disconnected

dealing with a spiritual crisis

dealing with acute or

long-term stress

psychosomatic symptoms

creative blockages

“At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.”
― Lao Tzu



My toolbox contains a colorful mix of methods and formats that

I have collected along the way, from which I draw and which I

combine depending on the individual situation. 

These include:

Client-Centered Talk Therapy 

Gestalt Therapy

Inner Child Work

Transparent Communication/Attunement

Non-Violent Communication 


Inner Team Work

"Feeding your Demons"

Systemic Therapy Formats

Conflict Mediation

Separation & Divorce Counseling

Some things cannot be put into words.

Alternative therapy methods complement talk therapy wonderfully.

Next to my psychological therapeutic approach and counseling my

practices include: 

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks 

Meditation -  various approaches, traditions and techniques 

Breathing Techniques

Relaxation Procedures

Visualization and Imagination

Ritual Work

Energetic Healing e.g. Cord Cutting

Art Therapy 

Bach Flower Therapy 

Chrystal Healing


and more


        Alternative therapy methods are an integral part of holistic


For example, we could test a supportive, individual Bach flower

mixture, carry out a fire ritual, or use sounds and color to suit your


This becomes clear over the course of our journey together.

However, the alternative therapy formats can also be booked

individually outside of a therapy process.


The location on Møn allows us to use the possibilities of the place and the forces of the elements to support your inner process.
For example, a very personal farewell ritual could be celebrated by the fire or by the sea.

My practice is located on Møn next to my husband Uwe Henneken's studio.
This creates the opportuni
ty to work artistically on inner themes and patterns in his large studio with a sea view.

The location in Copenhagen is in Nørrebro district in the cozy practice community
"Styrk dig". The direct proximity to Sortedams Sø allows you to take a walk after the session and let the new insights sink in before returning to your everyday life.

Katja accompanies and advises me on my challenging journey regarding contact arrangements with my two children.

Katja's advice was my most important turning point. On the one hand, I find Katja to be absolutely competent - she has the knowledge that I need to bring order to my chaos and finally gain an overview of my options. Your level of experience is so extensive and therefore provides guidance for me.

At the same time, she treats me with such appreciation and empathy that after a very short time I felt absolutely safe with her.

She definitely empowered me and gave me so much strength and courage while always looking at the whole picture without painting it nicely. I can only recommend working with Katja.

She helped me find answers to so many questions and make important decisions.

Jana, Wuppertal (DE)

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