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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

What is therapy with sound forks ?


Sound therapy is an ancient method that has been used successfully for thousands of years in many cultures to heal a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.

It is based on the principle that everything in the universe is vibration.

Our human body consists of a high proportion of water.

Water conducts sound and is therefore a great resonance chamber for sounds.

The sound waves of the tuning forks vibrate in different oscillations that penetrate deep into the body along the energy pathways. 

The energy field of the body is stimulated by the sounds and "tuned" like an instrument. 


As an effect inner balance and harmony emerge.

The benefits of sound healing

Sound healing can support regulate your nervous systemy in an acute emotional crisis and inner conflicts.

It is also effectively used as a preventive and health maintenance measure.

You can book a session for deep relaxation,

for energetic clarification/aura cleansing,

or also quite specifically as a tool to work on yourself

e.g. to update inner beliefs and psychological patterns or to integrate traumatic experiences you have had.

Research shows that the therapeutic use of sound is supportive for a variety of health issues. 

The most commonly reported effects of sound therapy include:

  • Reduced feeling of stress, deep relaxation

  • Problems falling asleep and staying asleep are reduced and sleep becomes deeper

  • Activation of the immune system

  • Stimulating the digestive system

  • Gentle relief of muscle stiffness

  • Reducing hormonal and mood swings

  • Reduces symptoms during period, peri-menopause and menopause

  • Support with pain therapy

  • Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Naturally anti-inflammatory effect

  • very supportive in treating anxiety, depression, burn-out and PTSD

My first contact with tuning forks was in 2014 with Dr. Klaus Truckenbrodt, who healed my concussion using only sound.

I was so impressed by this experience that I wanted to learn more about it.

A big thank you goes to Klaus and to my teacher Dr. Petia Prime, where I have been receiving comprehensive training in tuning fork therapy since 2016.

I love working with tuning forks and am grateful for this opportunity. For me they have become an invaluable tool and an elegant, simple, not re-traumatizing way to release major and minor physical and emotional blockages.

Most people experience very deep relaxation during a session, as the sound vibrations open our energy centers ( the chakras )

and release stuck energy blockages on a cellular level.

Through the tuning forks it is possible to change our brain activity. Transitioning from the normal beta state (awake consciousness) to the alpha state (relaxed consciousness) and even into the theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep) areas where inner healing can take place.

Sound healing stimulates the body to heal itself and enhances physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Inner order and coherence are restored or strengthened.

For professional help with physical complaints, please contact a certified doctor.


It is recommended that you allow 90 minutes for a sound healing session.

This not only provides the space to deeply relax, cleanse and recharge the energy body, but also to move internal issues, release blockages and energy accumulated through traumatic experiences. At the end of the session there is time to integrate.

A 30-minute energetic cleansing is also possible.

It´s highly recommended for people who work a lot with people.

The Cleansing-, Chakra- and Balancing Forks are used to clean your Aura (energetic field) and recharge you with fresh energy.

During a session I use different sets of tuning  forks.

They are chosen depending on what your energy system needs,  so that your life energy can flow freely again.

At each session I test kinesiologically which sounds and which tuning forks are indicated for you. Each set specifically affects the systems and organs in the body:


Cleaning Set


Chakra Set


Meridian Set


Organs Set


Amino Acid Set


Hormone Set


Vitamine Set


Vitality Set


Balancing Set


What happens during the tuning fork healing session ? 


Allow 1.5 hours for the treatment. ​


Before the actual treatment with the tuning forks, I will support you in becoming clear about your individual intention and goal for the session and formulating them. This gives a focus and strengthens the effect of the sound healing.​


During the therapy session you lie comfortably on the massage table.

I'll make sure you're warm. If you like , I can put an eye pillow on you.

Physical sensations such as tingling in the hands or a feeling of heat or cold may occur during treatment. You may also fall asleep.


Emotions, images, memories, colors or words from the unconscious may come to the surface through the resonance of the sounds within you.​

I will gently guide you through emotional and physical experiences, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the sound journey. ​

At the end of the treatment there is time to integrate the resonance of the sounds in silence.


After the session, you will likely feel balanced and refreshed. You can do anything afterwards ( driving, working, etc. ).


Be sure to drink plenty of fluids the rest of the day, as your body eliminates toxins by releasing blockages throughout our session.


Ane, Musician

Hi Katja, I really want to say thank you for the experience yesterday. I feel a lot of blockage released. Expressway to talk with my innerself. I just loved it and the sounds worked through me  the whole night I feel. 

Dìsa, Musician

Aahh I feel so much better, i am lighter and more grounded at the same time and woke up with a smile. It was very powerful and healing for me, both the space to share and the sound healing. Magic. Thank you Katja

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