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Für familienrechtspsychologische Trennungs- und Scheidungsberatung in deutscher Sprache existiert eine eigene Seite

Family Law Psychology &
Seperation / Divorce- Counseling
I offer expert advice and support in your separation or divorce process, which also involves children.

A separation or divorce represents an exceptional situation in life.

The family as it was will no longer exist.​

In many cases, with the intention of bringing relief to everyone, this period is also a “crisis” that brings with it emotional stress and uncertainty about the future.​

It touches everyone involved in their most vulnerable places.​

A profound process of change takes place in the family system, which requires a high degree of adaptation from everyone involved.​

Parental separation or divorce causes emotional stress and uncertainty about the future.

Because of one's own high level of stress, the well-being of the children can sometimes be lost sight of.

A large part of the separation and divorce process consists of emotionally processing a variety of, sometimes very strong, feelings, some of which can be ambivalent, e.g. sadness, pain, anger, disappointment, fear or annoyance. ​

Whether a divorce is experienced as a traumatic event with lifelong, negative consequences or as a temporary crisis that opens up the chance for a constructive new beginning depends on various influencing factors. Studies show that the support of trained professionals contributes immensely to helping people deal with the separation process constructively.



















Since 2012 I work as a trained German Family Law Psychological Expert for the Berlin family courts.

Legal questions for which I am commissioned by the court are:

Questions about parental custody in the event of separation and divorce 

§1671 Paragraph 1 BGB and for parents who are not married to each other without a declaration of custody §1626a BGB, §1671 Paragraph 2 BGB

Questions about maintaining the child's relationship with the parent who lives apart (contact regulations)

§1684 BGB

Questions about access regulations with the child's relationship and attachment figures 

§1685 BGB and with the child's biological, non-legal father §1686a BGB


Questions about endangering the well-being of the child  e.g. parental deprivation of custody, removal or return of a child

§§ 1666 f. BGB; order to remain with foster parents §1632 para. 4 BGB. This also includes physical and mental abuse, sexual abuse or neglect, as well as their consequences

The task of working with the family system towards an amicable solution

Next to the children I work intensively with everyone involved in the family system and the child welfare system to be able to see and understand the different perspectives; parents, teachers, educators, youth welfare office workers, women's shelter staff, legal guardians, grandparents, etc.

I am extensively trained in

  • Exploration of family dynamics, relationships and attachment styles

  • Exploration of resources and risk factors in the family system

  • Exploration of the competencies of the parents/guardians - their ability to raise children, willingness to cooperate, willingness to take responsibility, attachment tolerance and attachment care

  • Exploration of the child's level of development - their needs, the child's will, skills and current situation, and any special stresses and impairments

  • Exploration of relevant mental disorders and/or neurological impairments/diseases and/or disabilities and/or other impairments in children and/or parents

  • Mediation to find an amicable solution 

What questions can I give you family law psychological advice on?

Questions before a possible separation  

e.g. “Is it better for our children to separate or to work on staying  together until they leave the house?” 

Questions about communicating the decision to separate to children 

e.g.“How and when do we tell our daughter, in an age-appropriate manner, that we are no longer a couple but will always be her parents?” 

Developmental psychological questions 

e.g. “How does it affect our children that they have heard us arguing for months?” “Is it normal that my son is always so short on the phone when he spends the week with his mother?”

Questions about designing a sensible contact arrangement 

e.g. “How do I notice that the weekly change is overwhelming my son?” 

"How can I make sure that our kids will still see their grandparents?"

Questions about communication with the ex-partner 

e.g. “When I see my ex-partner, I just can't stay relaxed and calm. Do I have to speak to him/her in person if things keep escalating between us? How can we resolve things that affect our children as peacefully as possible?” 

Questions about dealing with new partners 

e.g. “How and when do I introduce my new partner to my children?” “Is it okay for my child if my new partner stays with us and do I have to inform my Ex about that?” 

Questions about organizing birthdays, holidays, schooling, etc. 

e.g. “Is it good for my child if both families come to the school starting party, even though we haven’t spoken to each other for two years?” 

Questions about the legal process 

e.g. “Can I apply to the court for supervised access if I am concerned that my ex-partner is disregarding my child’s boundaries?” 

Since 2014 I offer my experience and expertise as a family law psychology expert in the form of consultations for couples, individuals, young people and institutions (schools, youth welfare offices, etc.).

The consultations take place in my private practice, in person, online via Zoom and by telephone.

Katja accompanies and advises me on my challenging journey regarding contact arrangements with my two children.

Katja's advice was my most important turning point. On the one hand, I find Katja to be absolutely competent - she has the knowledge that I need to bring order to my chaos and finally gain an overview of my options. Your level of experience is so extensive and therefore provides guidance for me.

At the same time, she treats me with such appreciation and empathy that after a very short time I felt absolutely safe with her.

She definitely empowered me and gave me so much strength and courage while always looking at the whole picture without painting it nicely. I can only recommend working with Katja.

She helped me find answers to so many questions and make important decisions.

Jana, Wuppertal (DE)

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