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Prior to our appointment

I have cleared myself and cleaned the space for you.

During our time together 

I give you my full attention and presence.

I tune in to you and join you on your inner journey of self realization.

At your pace.

With your consent.

In your own unique way.

During our shared process​​

I take good care of myself and regularly reflect on my work in supervision and intervision.

I am deeply rooted in my spiritual practice. ​






My attitude in all  processes is:

warm open calm

professional attuned

transpersonal creative

present integral


inclusive   non-judgmental


trauma - informed

compassionate systemic


resource - oriented

pursuing no specific goal



​“Katja's empathy and flexibility in responding to the needs and desires of me and my husband in our intensive 4-day “couples therapy retreat” on Møn gave me the space to feel seen, heard and phenomenally guided.

I understood what was standing in the way of communication between me and my husband and was able to tell my husband in depth what was important to me.

Katja holds a space that contains many possibilities and freedom, methods that she connected to suit our situation.

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Katja and will continue to work with her because during the work I understood how helpful and valuable it is that a therapist holds space and offers methods so that as a couple you understand, where misunderstandings and projections have arisen.

I am deeply grateful to you, Katja, for your enriching work, which has helped me find more clarity in my relationship and allowed me to grow as a person in my own maturation process.


Ana, Tenerife

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